The four of us, Corrine, Alyssa, Jessica, and Stacey, have enjoyed singing from a young age and are thankful for our Christian parents who showed us the joy that comes from singing for our Saviour. We praise God for giving us a reason and a desire to share His love through song and hope that you will be blessed as you listen. Thanks to our Uncle Trevor for helping us with our new album. We'll never forget the standard driving lessons, riotous rides to the studio, hair-rising restaurant experiences, and your crazy jokes that made us dissolve into a series of uncontrollable snickers and giggles!

Corrine - Being the oldest, she generally acquires the job of keeping her young and rebellious sisters in line during practise or studio sessions! An energetic young girl, she enjoys reading, school, driving, cleaning, playing the piano, writing poetry, and sewing.

Alyssa - Second in line, she assumes the responsibility of keeping Corrine in order and does her job well! An easy-going teenager, she enjoys baking Lizzie Buns, chatting with her friends on email, playing her guitar, and writing songs.

Jessica - The drama-queen, she keeps us entertained with her ridiculous jokes and infectious laughter! She enjoys baby-sitting, embarrassing her sisters with her dramatic actions in restaurants, riding in Ethel (Trevor's car), playing the violin, driving the Kubota, and making faces!

Stacey - A giggly little girl, who enjoys reading, school, playing games on the computer, laughing, and turning the stereo volume up, she keeps her family entertained with her morning grumps and stories about school.