JESUS LIVES - $15.00

A family CD, recorded in 2007, featuring a large variety of original songs written by Louise Horst. 


A Sisters CD, recorded in 2011, rich in harmony and inspiration for all ages.
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1. Rain & Shine
2. Across The Miles
3. The One I'm Dying For
4. A Living Prayer
5. Open It Up
6. Home To You
7. Jump
8. River of Jordan
9. Peace Be Still
10. Pure Bride
11. Shine On Us
12. Sowin'' Love
1. I Love The Lord
2. Down In My Heart
3. Jesus Lives
4. In The Sweet By and By
5. Dear Jesus Come Into My Heart
6. I Love To Read My Bible Every Day
7. Yes He fills Our Hearts
8. Gloryland
9. Jesus Loves The Little Children
10. One Of These Days
11. No Sin Is too Large For God
12. To Grow My Garden
13. Tinker Grey
14. Praying, Praying, Praying
15. God Bless Our Family